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Better than a paperclip by Groxx Better than a paperclip by Groxx
We had to come up with variations on paperclips in a class I had.
After a few variations (and one variation is on a couple fridges now.... gotta take pictures & make more some time) I came up with this one, which is meant for larger sheafs of paper.

Paperclip? Hah! 10 pages max, before stuff gets seriously dented on the edge.
This thing? Well, that book is 240 pages, and it holds it firmly enough to pick up the book by grabbing the edges. And zero damage :) The smaller ones (not pictured) use smaller magnets, and peak at about 50 pages.
All the magnets used are fairly cheap but powerful magnets (neodymium would be too powerful to separate / store safely).

I really like what I came up with. I don't know what happened to it, though ^^; I'll make another some time, it's quite useful.
If anyone is particularly interested, I may be making more of them some time, with the intent to sell. Gotta find a better way to cut the materials before doing larger runs, though.

btw, that book is fantastic for people learning Japanese. It includes translations of ALL the kanji it uses, as well as most words / phrases, but grammar (ie, how the sentence structure conveys meaning) is mostly up to you. Which is effectively how it should be.
And w00t! Parallel text and free audio files!

Pay no attention to that mess behind the chair! I am the Great and Powerful.... oh, nevermind.
Teru-is-True Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Nifty. =3
LibertyRenegade Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2009
That's my chair! :heart:
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March 13, 2009
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